slow cooker lasagna

slow cooker lasagna


1 lb ground beef
½ lb lasagna pasta
4 cups of my homemade vegetable marinara sauce OR 1 jar of pasta sauce
1¼ cup cottage cheese
1½ cup Italian cheese blend
1 tbsp Italian seasoning
salt & pepper to taste( optional)
parsley flakes ( optional)
If you want to add a little more flavor to this awesome dish, we suggest cooking the ground beef in olive oil, some fresh garlic (1/2 clove or to taste), and with a pinch of red pepper flakes. Infusing the beef with those amazing fats from the oil, the tang of the garlic, and some heat from the red peppers is going to really amp up this dish. Plus, it doesn’t take any extra time.


1. Brown the ground beef over medium heat, and if you desire, add in some of that fresh garlic, and a pinch of red pepper flakes.
2. Pour in the marinara sauce right on top, and add Italian seasoning. Then, mix in the cup of cottage cheese and 1/2 cup of Italian blend cheese. Heat until warm, and combined well, and remove the pan from the heat.
3. Break the lasagna pasta into halves (or smaller) and place them on the bottom of the slow cooker, then pour in the meat and cheese sauce. Repeat until you’ve used up the ingredients.
4. Top off the top of the lasagna with the remaining cottage cheese and Italian cheese blend. Sprinkle with parsley flakes, put on the lid, and let it cook on low for 3 hours.
5. Serve, and enjoy!

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